Curriculum Vitae

-          From 1982: Produce and construction of tubular ceilings with ox 75 and lighening of the ceilings in GholhakAkhgar Tower, Hemmat National Library, SamanGosal Company tower complexes, Andisheh Damavand, Sepah residential towers complex of region 4 of Tehran …

-          Production of composite colorful concrete floor mats with color stones and design variety without any chemical paints and suitable with mental health of the society, production of colorful concrete curbs with natural paints of mineral stones for the parks as like Tehran Garden Park, all the 22 regions of Tehran, Isfahan Municipality, and Isfahan Province cities

-          Innovator of concrete-polymer curbs with traffic signs for all purposes in municipalities, urban decoration, public and private car parks and villas and all those locations requiring decoration, standard, and quality

-          Production of wear resistant floor mats with special grains and particular production method with various designs and geometrical forms and resistant and heavy concrete in order to be used in pavements, parks, and streets due to the high pressure resistance and anti-wearing. This company has started working from 1982, in which Mr. Hussein Noktedan has acted as the Managing Director.

-          Production of resistant concrete from particular mines for public pathways and streets with heavy traffic


Soil and waste transport

Transportation of the new curbs

Construct and curbs

Painting the curbs


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