Concrete polymer curbs

This company has been successful for the innovations in the field of trafجداول بتنی پلیمریfic curbs with totally different features and specifications than the ordinary ones as follows. These curbs consist of metal stones, multi parts polymer, and reinforced yarns. As per the tests by Standard Organization, bending and pressure resistance and the lifetime of these curbsare approximately 4 times more than press curbsand water absorption is very low. In addition, color fixation against UV is satisfactory and no painting is required. Some lenses are installed in these curbsto optimize drivers’ vision at night, which will remove installation of any safe tableau.

Technical specification:

-          The concrete used for these curbsconsists of two layers, the back layer is coarse in order to get more contact between the curbs.

-          These curbs have fixed color with high translucence and high resistance against sunlight rays and other atmospheric conditions.

-          Color night lenses are installed on these curbsin order to optimize drivers vision.

-          Dimensions:

Main streets and highways: 27.5*50*10 and 35*50*8.5

Sub-streets, lanes, and pathways: 8.5*50*27.5

As a repair in damaged curbs: 4*50*27.5

Weight - kg  Dimension Product
name Product
Image Product
12/300 27x50x4 curbs Touch
a.p.b.n 100
33 35x50x8/5  curbs two lenses
a.p.b.n 110
 جدول دو لنز 
33 35x50x8/5  curbs one lenses
a.p.b.n 120
phoca-l 30 
33 35x50x8/5 curbs table
a.p.b.n 130
27 27/5x50x8/5

curbs table

a.p.b.n 160






curbs trapezoidal lens

a.p.b.n 170

33 27/5x50x10

curbs table

a.p.b.n 180



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