Wear resistant heavy concretes


بتن های سنگین ضدسایشMost of the concrete structures applied for difficult, corrosive, and abnormal conditions as like offshore structures, industrial, and chemical environments follow with various problems, mostly due to the low strength for particular applications and its high penetrability against water and salts. In addition, making concrete is time consuming and may lead to more difficulties at the time of construction and repair works. Nowadays, polymers are widely used to optimize concrete properties. Polymer concrete has so many advantages in comparison with ordinary concrete, major of which include its high strength and resistance and the required time for its preparation. This product is 3 to 5 times stronger than the ordinary concrete. As such, it is possible to construct light structure with optimal properties. These combinations can be used for the large hydraulic structures to decrease wearing, protection of reinforced concrete in bridges against penetration of salts and corrosion of steel inside the concrete, flooring the industrial and chemical environments, covering the tunnel walls, offshore structures, dam, as well as the quick renovation and repairing of damaged concrete structures


  1. Advantages and field of application of wear resistant heavy concretes in comparison with cement concrete:
  2. Covering of the bridges and roads
  3. Repair works
  4. Structures imposed by corrosion
  5. Flooring the industrial and sports buildings … (for example, Polyurethane with an exclusive lifetime is suitable for resistant floors against sliding)
  6. Production of artificial and decorative panels in residential and administration spaces (as like artificial marble, polymer onyx, artificial granite)
  7. Concrete lining
  8. Manufacture of underground structures like industrial sewerage systems (resistant against corrosion)
  9. Fabrication of statues, decorative vase, and other architectural figures similar to stone
  10. Manufacture of chemical mattes reservoir tanks
  11. Offshore structures
  12. Underwater structures
  13. Dam overloading parts
  14. Dam water closing walls
  15. Tunnel walls
  16. Renovation and quick repair (for the concrete structures, especially those structures under particular conditions i.e. under the water)


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